South Truro Beach Cape Cod

South Truro beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Picasso marble stones on south Truro, Cape Cod beaches. Dapixara photograph. Ryder beach Truro, MA.
© Dapixara Cape Cod photos.

Dune Shack

Dune Shack.
Dune Shack. Dapixara Cape Cod photos 2014
© Dapixara 2014.

Charles W. Morgan 38th Voyage

Charles W. Morgan visits Provincetown on 38th Voyage. July 11 2014.
This time instead of hunting whales, the last wooden whale ship sail as an ambassador for ocean conservation.
173 Year Old Charles W. Morgan was a US whaling ship during the 19th and early 20th century.
Charles W Morgan 38th Voyage in Provincetown. © Dapixara photograph 2014 July 11
© Dapixara photo: A First day on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Charles W. Morgan closeup, Dapixara photography
© Dapixara photo: Charles W. Morgan closeup.

Tall Ship Charles-W-Morgan and Whale. Dapixara pic.
© Dapixara photo: Charles W. Morgan whale research and sailing in Stellwagen Bank, Provincetown, Cape Cod.

All photography © Dapixara 2014.

Stolen Dapixara Red Boat Artwork Found In Wellfleet Gallery

Stolen artwork: Alert for art collectors and artists!
Thanks to fellow art collectors. I was notified last week that “Secret Garden” Gallery and “Laxmi Gallery” in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, is selling my artwork “Red Boat” by DAPIXARA manipulated and stolen by forger Laxmi Wesley (LAXMI) .
I noticed that three pieces presented by Secret Garden Gallery and Laxmi Gallery on 313 Main Street, Wellfleet, MA 02667 looked a bit more than familiar.
Here a few comparisons with
Dapixara artwork.
The infringing artwork is on the right, and the original photo are on the left.
Stolen Dapixara Red Boat Artwork Found In Wellfleet Gallery. Artwork stolen by forger copycat Laxmi Wesley in Wellfleet, Massachusetts

This women stole my
Red Boat artwork and manipulated as her own!
Here links to forger, copycat
Laxmi websites:
Blog About:

If you see my artwork / photography infringed with fake signature please contact me with photos. You will be rewarded 60% OFF on all my works!
Please spread this and alert other artists so everyone can check if their works were stolen, I would much appreciate it!

Artist Dapixara.

Twisted Morning - Monochrome

Black and white photograph: “Twisted Morning”
Natural and unusual shapes. Eastham, Cape Cod.
Black and white photograph: “Twisted Morning”<br />Natural and unusual shapes. Eastham, Cape Cod. Photographer Dapixara.
© Dapixara monochrome photography, 2014.

Moon Jelly Aurelia Aurita

Moon Jelly (Aurelia Aurita)
Moon Jelly Aurelia Aurita. Cape Cod photographer Dapixara underwater photography
© Dapixara, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Botanical Prints

Photograph “Wild Poppy Flowers”.
Field of wildflowers and poppy flowers by Dapixara.

Wild Poppy Flowers art print for sale.
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$525 16x24
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poppy flowers photography print for sale.
framed flower prints for sale by Dapixara.
Framed flower prints: Available Sizes
Petite $213 16¼x19¼
$274 20¼x25¼
$373 25¼x33¼
$546 30¼x41¼
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Fake and real fans everywhere you go

Joan Rivers fake and real fans everywhere you go!
Provincetown, Cape Cod, Commercial Street. Dapixara photography, 2014, June.


Looking Under The Ocean Hood

Looking under the ocean’s hood.
© Photographer ~ Dapixara. Wave pic. 2014.

Fog Bow in Wellfleet Cape Cod

A Fog Bow sometime called White Rainbow in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Indian Neck beach.
Strange rainbow over Wellfleet, Cape Cod. Fog Bow (White Rainbow) Dapixara photography.
© Dapixara photography.