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Turtle Rescue, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Turtle rescue in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Found this turtle Today November, 23, 2014, 2PM on Great Island beach.
The turtle was brought to Wellfleet Audubon.
© Dapixara.

November Sunset - Provincetown

November sunset in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Provincetown, November sunset. Photographer Dapixara.
© Dapixara 2014, November. Provincetown, Cape Cod.

Night at Chatham Pier and Fish Market

There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.
~ Steven Wright

Car light trails at Chatham Pier and Fish Market.
Night photography: Chatham Pier and Fish Market in Cape Cod. Night photo by Dapixara.
© Dapixara. 2014, November. Chatham, Cape Cod.

Beautiful Afternoon in Chatham, Cape Cod

A beautiful afternoon in Chatham, Massachusetts.
Beautiful Afternoon in Chatham, Cape Cod. Cape Cod photographer Dapixara.
© Dapixara 2014, November, 12.

Calm Morning

Crisp calm morning here in Wellfleet.
© Dapixara. 2014 November.

Herring River, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Beautiful autumn serenity! Trees & dunes in early morning at Herring River, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Wellfleet.
Wellfleet landscape photography. Wellfleet photographer Dapixara. Photo: Herring River in Wellfleet, MA
© Dapixara 2014.

Misty Sunrise W Boat

Misty Sunrise W Boat.
Misty Sunrise With Boat. Cape Cod photos by photographer Dapixara.
Cape Cod photos by photographer Dapixara. © 2014.


Tall Ship Kalmar Nyckel

Tall ship “Kalmar Nyckel" got a bit feisty and tried to shoot me.
Tall ship kalmar nyckel. Dapixara photograph. Provincetown, Massachusetts.
© Dapixara. 2014, Provincetown.


Huge Waves

Huge waves crashing on Nauset beach today!
Huge Nauset beach Waves. Cape Cod photos by photographer Dapixara.
© Dapixara #NausetBeach waves.
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