About Dapixara:

Dapixara professional fine art landscape photographer and author of several books who lives in Cape Cod, USA.

Specializing in coastal, beach landscapes, Cape Cod photography, and photography against the sun (breaking the rules).
Dapixara fine art photography has been shown in galleries, published in calendars, museums, art catalogs and TV, also contributor to National Geographic®, Travel Channel®, Yahoo® and more. He has also been honored with many awards and recognitions.

Find out more about author Dapixara on official blog, and complete biography about his secret pseudonym on his limited edition book.

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- Cape Cod Photography Art
- Black and White photography
- Fine Art photography
- 31 years of photography experience
- 15 years experience with high-end digital photography equipment.

Cape Cod based artist, author, photographer Dapixara.
Wellfleet, Massachusetts, USA.

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